Foundry Row


PLUSEN created a lively town center for the new commercial development which is Foundry Row, an upscale, open-air center including 356,000 sq. ft. of retail and 40,000 sq. ft. of office space. Working with artists and store owners, we strove to create space that can be enjoyed in both active and passive recreation.  The central hub creates a perfect gathering space, allowing for events such as farmers markets, live music, or simply a waiting for a table at one of the numerous nearby restaurants.

The plaza can be appreciated and utilized in any number of ways that engage the senses. Some design features that are the hallmark of the town center are fountains that ignite the space and weathered steel signage, stone and paving patterns and textures that warm the space, a lawn panel and plantings that provide a welcoming front door effect, a hearth that draws visitors to stay a while, trellises overhead outdoor dining areas, and a geometry that engages and unites the surrounding parking, retail and architecture.


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