Kenwood Sculpture Garden


The Kenwood Sculpture Garden showcases the works of the distinguished sculptor, Frederick Hart. Its intimate setting is designed as a retreat from the city offering a cooling respite and a place for introspective contemplation. Numerous bronze pieces have been located in the garden, having a curved linear wall as a unifying ribbon through the space. The sculptural pieces act as nodes along the wall that punctuate interior and exterior views. An eroded-stream water feature contrasts the curving wall by cutting through the space and allowing the eye to follow its course from one sculpture to the next.

PLUSEN brings environmentally responsible practices to each project. Here, local materials were used for the paving, boulders were gathered from nearby sites planned for construction, bricks were from remnant pallets, storm chambers capture rainwater runoff, a green wall cools the building interiors, and low-voltage and fiber-optic lighting was used.


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