PLUSEN Landscape Architects, LLC possesses a varied portfolio of elegant and timeless landscape architectural designs, from large acre master plans to small urban pocket gardens. While our clients consistently choose us for our ability to deliver exceptional design, we believe our true success lies with the following tenets we bring to every project:

We believe a place is only as beautiful as it is livable.

At PLUSEN Landscape Architects, we know that you want more than simply a beautiful landscape. By creating “rooms” with scale and navigation appropriate to a variety of uses and perspectives, we provide true outdoor environments—places that expose the intrinsic beauty of the land, while also making it functional to those who enjoy it.

We believe in integrity of the details.

PLUSEN Landscape Architects believes that a well-designed landscape can be explored from the panoramic landscape down to the smallest flower’s petal. We choose materials and construction techniques not only for their beauty and quality but also for their role in creating a holistic overall design. In the end, we create spaces that can be enjoyed at every level—whether you’re looking out a window or wandering along the garden path.

We believe a landscape is much more than a garden.

More than simply an outdoor space, a well-designed landscape makes critical connections to its surroundings, owners, and nature. At PLUSEN Landscape Architects, we infuse our design with the individual preferences of our clients. We aim to complement and improve the surrounding built environment. We exploit the innate treasures of the existing environment and let them help drive the project. The result? Truly unique spaces that blend the spirit and emotion of the people with the spirit and emotion of the place.

We believe in the collaborative process.

Nature couldn’t work without the sensitive balance and interaction of its many components. PLUSEN Landscape Architects practices this same concept in our business. Interacting with our clients and consultants from the beginning and throughout the process not only ensures a successful result, but also strengthens even the smallest decisions at every step of the way.